Matthew 28:19-20

Theatre Of Faith
Actualizing Hope: Crystalizing the Unseen

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Theatre Of Faith is an organisation which provides christian related services and faith based care to people. Aims to be a leading organization in faith empowerment worldwide by 2027 (Mark 11:22).Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)



We also specialize in publication & selling of christian books, bibles, devotionals, magazines, clergy attire & christian memorabilia.


Our mandate is to point all humanity to eternal life. (Matthew 28: 19-20)

OUR vision

To be a leading organization in faith empowerment worldwide by 2027 (Mark 11:22)

our speciality

Theatre Of Faith sells christian attire, christian memorabilia and christian gifts.Publication & Selling of Christian books, Bibles, Devotionals, Magazines, Clergy attire & Christian memorabilia.

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Hope Foundation

We plan to have a partnership program that is geared towards reaching out to those in any form of oppression and vulnerability…


The End of Time Church

In this indispensible Hand Book for those with ascension gifts, B V Mogano makes a compelling reference guide to the Five-Fold Ministry as it prepares the bride for the coming groom. This book will serve as a handbook for all those with ascension gifts.. 

Tessellations Of God

Tesselations of God is a tapestry of interlocking purposes of God as we see them manifest here on earth upon His creation .The ancient patterns repeat themselves in every generation drawing home the fact that God is in control of the universe and His creation to eternity...

The Kingdom Franchise

A cursory view of the Five-Fold Ministries suggests that there are those called for a massive eternal impact unto the kingdom of God. Drawing from His pool of vessels, The Lord bestows upon the chosen few for every generation, authority to enterprise on a particular kingdom franchise 

Upcoming Events
Theatre of Faith Round Table 2018
@ Little Theatre, national museum & art gallery
Topic: The Contemporary Stampede for falsified salvation: necessary evil or inconsequential endeavor?
Entry: P100
3rd November 2018, 1600 hours

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